Emergency Preparedness Products and Services

Fire and Emergency Plan Development

AK Provides comprehensive, customized fire and non-fire plan development, site safety assessments, and safety consulting for single properties and entire portfolios. Senior emergency planners lead each engagement and craft effective, code-compliant solutions unique to the needs of the facility and occupants.

online training

SafetynetSafetyNet is AK's comprehensive online life safety training, tracking, and administration network. SafetyNet offers an extremely cost-effective way to deliver life safety and security training to employees, tenants, and staff.

Your SafetyNet Web page can also deliver building-specific safety and security information such as training programs, emergency phone numbers, floor plan diagrams, emergency procedures, and other critical security information.

Life Safety Training Videos

AK is the nation's leading provider of customized fire, life safety, and emergency preparedness training videos for corporations, government organizations, and commercial office buildings.

Our videos train employees, tenants, and building staff how to respond appropriately to emergencies in their specific building. AK's programs can also be presented in Flash.

Onsite Training, Drills, and Tabletop Exercises

Our team of veteran firefighters and emergency response professionals provide live training & drills for clients throughout the country. Training is available for occupants, floor warden teams, and staff.  All training sessions are customized to the facility.

Tabletop exercises are the best way to assess an organization’s readiness to respond. These half-day sessions present staff with unfolding scenarios to which they must respond and improvise in real time. Each tabletop exercise is custom designed to the facility and client organization.

Emergency Plan Diagrams

AK has produced thousands of emergency floor plan diagrams and egress signage throughout the country.  Our clear, easy-to-read floor plan diagrams and Building Information Cards help occupants, staff, and firefighters quickly identify their options in evacuations, shelter in place, and other emergency response scenarios.

Emergency Procedures Brochures and Response Guides

AK produces high-quality 4-color custom life safety brochures.  Available in tri-fold or flip-book formats, these brochures inform occupants how to respond to a wide range of emergency scenarios and can include floor plan diagrams, bomb threat checklists, and other helpful information.

Our staff Emergency Response Guides convert traditional 3-ring binder emergency plans into clear step-by-step flow charts and checklists. They help standardize response procedures across an organization, simplify training, and aid in emergency response.